24/7 or Live-In Care?

If around-the-clock care is what you need, you have the option of 24-hour care and Live-In care to ensure your caregiver will be there throughout the day and night.  Both services are great alternatives to assisted living, as they allow you or a loved one to receive 24/7 care in the comfort of home.  But how do you know which one to choose?  Below, we discuss the differences between the two services to give you more insight into which option is better for you or your loved one.

24/7 Care:

24/7 care is provided for people that need care and monitoring 24-hours a day.  24/7 care requires the assigned caregiver to be alert and ready to care at all times.  There are several situations where 24/7 care would be necessary.  A few examples are clients who suffer from dementia, wanderers, clients who are fall risks and patients who frequently wake up during the night and need assistance.  Please contact our office for current rates. 

Live-In Care:

Live-In Care is also provided for people who need a caregiver in the home around-the-clock.  The big difference with live-in care is the expectation the caregiver gets 8-hours of downtime daily.  The caregiver works during the day/evening (16-hours) and sleeps in a designated room (provided by the client) at night and is in the house in case of emergency or the rare times a client needs to use the restroom, etc.  The client is charged for 16-hours of daily care, as we do not charge for the 8-hours of down-time, unless the caregiver is still working.  With Live-In Care the client is responsible for caregiver meals.  If the family requests a second caregiver to cover the 8-hours of downtime for the assigned caregiver, these 8-hours will be billed at the normal hourly rate.  Please contact our office for current rates.