Companion Care


A Friend at Home.

Many people require companionship and help with the little things rather than round-the-clock care, but don’t like to mention it to friends and family as they don’t wish to be a burden. We pride ourselves on finding compatible companions who can help make life just that little bit easier at home.

We provide specialized companion care services, incorporating physical care and social care into the care plans we customize for each of our clients. Whether sharing a cup of coffee, a favorite movie, or photos and memories, our caregivers build relationships with our clients through authentic connection and time shared. Building that foundation of respect, trust, and communication helps us provide top-notch care.

Companion care also means that your aging loved one will have help in their home, with their mobility, and with any daily tasks. Services that can be part of your companion care plan include:

  • Accompanying to Appointments

  • Ensuring Medication is Taken on Time

  • Cooking and Meal Preperation

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Shopping/Prescription Collection

  • Mail Collection and Orgination

  • Activities and Social Functions

  • Maintaining Personal Budgets and Diary Support

  • Supporting the Early Phases of Dementia

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